BMW Motorrad: Making-of Park ‘n’ Ride Challenge With Sebastian Hertler & Carlos Paixão

Get a sneak behind the scenes peek of the Park ‘n’ Ride Challenge and watch how much fun it was during the three-night shoot.

From BMW:

On to the next challenge with the G 310 R – the Park ‘n’ Ride Challenge. This means: 2 teams, 2 bikes, 2 longboards, a multi-storey car park and a lot of riding pleasure. Curve by curve and level by level, both teams experience the flow. The challenge requires ability, riding skill and a generous slice of fun. Just right for Sarah Lezito, Chris Northover, Guto Negao (Carlos Paixão) and Sebastian Hertler.

Learn more about the story and the BMW G 310 R here:

Team Blue
Chris Northover and Guto Negão have known each other for a long time. Chris, an extraordinary stunt rider, and Guto, the current longboard world champion, are real daredevils when it comes to riding pleasure. Together they make up Team Blue and take on the Park ‘n’ Ride Challenge. They are there to win, that’s obvious. But only under one condition – that it’s a great deal of fun.

Team Red
The second team is made up of Sarah Lezito and Sebastian Hertler. Both are excited to take on the Park ‘n’ Ride Challenge. Sarah is known for her spectacular stunts, where she makes the machine dance with ease. Sebastian is the European and German champion for downhill longboarding and has been riding since he could walk. Both are in agreement: “We want to win and have a whole lot of fun along the way”.

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