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Jon Huey’s 2016 Photo Annual Outtakes

Hopefully, you’ve gotten your hands on the Skate[Slate] issue where we focus on the photos and the photographers, the 2016 Skate[Slate] Photo Annual. We strive to provide you with the cream of the crop when it comes to our print editions. After narrowing my photos down while designing the Photo Annual, I still had a grip of photos from the year that I still liked a lot. Without further ado, here they are.


I went shooting last year with Jed Johnson and Casey Morrow, two really fun all-around skaters to shoot with. They are definitely two of my favorite guys to shoot with because of their drive to skate hard, do tricks, and make it look good. They both appear in the Photo Annual from two different skate sessions. Searching for rad spots and sessioning is what skateboarding is all about.

Casey Morrow and Jed Johnson, two hungry skaters.

Casey gaps over the curbs and the ledge in this parking structure.

Casey Morrow, wallie nollie out.

We skated a spot in Southwest Portland that was still under construction. These are the best types of spots sometimes because it’s before ledges get knobbed, and there are unique features that won’t necessarily stay the way it is when you are there. Casey found a ledge and a sidewalk booster to spend his time and Jed, found some caution tape safety cylinders to play around.

Here is the opening spread of my photo section in the Photo Annual:

And here are a few alternate shots of Jed at the same spot.

Alternate shot with a haptic angle. Jed Johnson, Portland, 2016.

Jed Johnson, 2016.

Jed Johnson, 2016.

Jed Johnson, 2016.

Casey put in some work waxing the ledge for this boardslide.

Casey Morrow, RIP 1987-2016.

Scratch that, he got up and landed it soon after the last shot.

Casey put together a boardslide and an ollie in a line and I put together a photo composite.

Casey Morrow, boardslide and ollie, 2016.

Kamloops Longboard Park

I shot some photos at the Kamloops Longboard Park that were considered for the Photo Annual.

David Derejko took the advanced course standing up.

Parker Schmidt sheds off speed on the dropping right with Kamloops Lake in the background.

Skate Sun Peaks

Skate Sun Peaks was a super fun event in Sun Peaks, BC that yielded me many bangin’ action photos. Though the place is covered in lush green and the track is black with red and white stripes lining the side, I decided to turn a couple of my favorites from the event into black and white masterpieces. Even though they’ve been published before, the monochrome gives each photo a new life.

Nick Hurley grips after some slips as the course dips to the right.

Matt Kienzle and Brandon Desjarlais get a run in right as the rain front comes in.


It wouldn’t be a year in downhill skateboarding without a Maryhill event or two. After all, I live in Portland which is only a few hours of driving away from Maryhill. The Showdown at the Loops proved to have some competitive riders, just as the Maryhill Festival of Speed was famous for. The following are some of my favorites.

Scott Smith scoots his boots.

Carlos Paixão leads a tight pack at the Showdown at the Loops. Max Ballesteros is keeping a close eye on Carlos in second. So many aero lids in one spot.

Jimmy Riha, Max Capps, Max Ballesteros, Jake Wilkinson, Scott Smith, and Pedro Frangulis stay in a tight line through the Never Ending Left at Maryhill.

Giant’s Head Freeride

Giant’s Head Freeride 2016 was a blast as always. I made many awesome photos there and showed many of them. Here are some you may or may not have seen.

Brandon Tissen leads a pack through Dead Man’s Corner.

Camilo Beyoncéspedes.

Jordan Koehler leads Alec Whitman through the Alex Ameen blow-by corner extravaganza.

Jed Johnson shows us how to properly “dump truck” off the front deck of the dock. No clothes necessary.

Boonies to the Bay with Sector 9

I travelled to the Bay Area to document Sector 9 on their Boonies to the Bay road trip for the magazine and the blog. I made so many great photos, I had plenty to tell a story in print, a few to share online, and some to consider for the Photo Annual. Here are five that didn’t make my cut as photo editor, but certainly deserve a gander.

A.J. Haiby takes a speed line down the famous Lombard Street of SF.

Levi Hawken, tucks his knee ’round this tight switchback in Pacifica.

Louis Pilloni gets around this corner with ease, deep in the boonies.

Jimmy brought his dirt board up to this old bunker off the side of the coastal highway that we checked out. He is a natural on any board, any terrain. Jimmy surfs a slide in the dusty terrain near this old bunker.

Jimmy Riha bombed this dirt hill, shedding some speed off here and there and slid around this berm at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean. He made it look easy while the rest of the crew watched.

Well, that’s all I have to share at the moment. Keep your eyes peeled for a Thursday Throwback on my trip to the Kamloops Park. I have more never been seen photos to share for you all. May your day be well, and your skate be fruitful.

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