12 Reasons Why You Should Definitely NOT Go To Transylvania Downhill 2017

I had the opportunity to go to the Transylvania Downhill and if it wasn’t for them being such terrible hosts and literally forcing me to return, I definitely would stay away from the event in 2017 and definitely not tell anyone about it. You’ve been warned!

1. The track! Talk about trying too hard.

It’s fast, it’s complex, it’s technical and the tarmac.. Oh the tarmac. It’s disgustingly smooth and consistent. Who’d want that? 6 km for freeride and 5 km for the race, this course delivers everything for everyone. Transylvania DH is a closed road event, completely secured with thousands of hay-bales, tyres, impact mattresses and netting. There will be more than fifteen course marshalls equipped with walkie talkies, brooms and first aid kits and qualified first-aiders will be positioned among the course in the high risk areas.


2. The gondola uplifts!

We all know the main reason for travelling to events is for the hanging with friends, waiting around for buses. Sorry. You’ll be back at the top of the track within fifteen minutes and the road stays open for skating all day long. Transylvania Downhill is the event where you can smash more runs a day than anywhere else. The event will provide four days of skate-all-you-can, and two days designated for the racing.


3. The vertical ramp! Nobody likes vertical ramps.

This will be insane. Situated in the second curb of the freeride track, this ramp will generate endless amount of fun for any rider.

Photo: David Marano at San Pedro Shred Festival Of Skate (Wheelbasemag)


4. The Fun Area! (Groan.. fun.)

It’s a designated spot for chilling and enjoying live DJs, skating a half-pipe, xbox games on big projector, bar with cheap drinks and food, workshops, stands, balance boards, slacklines, wi-fi and whatnot. You’ll hate it here, everyone’s so freaking happy all the time.

Photo: Iulia Iridon


5. The party! Ugh, so tedious.

Two of them to be precise, on Friday and Saturday. You’ll have to endure more than 14 local and international DJs playing on the crushing soundsystem provided by Astronaut Kru. Rider’s gopro footage will be projected and combined with digital visuals – this will be a longboard party like no other.

6. The people!

Meet diverse communities from Europe and overseas, skate with riders of different levels, make new friends in an amazing atmosphere in middle of the nature. TERRIBLE vibe guaranteed.

Photo: Kai Menneken


7. The cash prize!

Yes, the finalists in the race (any category) will be awarded in cash and as usual loads of gear from our sponsors. Will probably fund the trip to your next event, not that you’ll want that, it’s more fun to stay home.

Photo: Kai Menneken


8. The speeds!

Sebastian Hertler recorded a maximum of 93km/h on the Transylvania Downhill track. He’d hate for you to beat his record.

Photo: Kai Menneken


9. The hotel accommodation!

Comfortable 3 stars hotels. 2, 3 and 4-  bed rooms, each with en-suite bathroom, free wi-fi and breakfast served each morning.

Photo: Kai Menneken


10. Activities! You won’t have time to do it all.

At the event location there’s a park specially built for tree climbing for all levels and super scenic walking routes. Our bear Baloo! His home is situated next to the race track. We’d hate for you to arrive early, or plan to leave late from the event, there are only high altitude mountains, an underground theme park in a salt mine(!), the National Park, Hunedoara Castle and Deva Citadel in the area. We wouldn’t even recommend staying for DLC’s next freeride downhill event, by the lake of Cincis at the end of July..

Source: Wikipedia


11. The opportunity!

We’re sure no matter what level you are, this track has something to teach you or to challenge you. Progress is to be made, wheels are to be cored, thane left all over the course, and high levels of stoke will be reached. Best not bother.

Photo: Kai Menneken


12. The price!

One of the best price ratios out there. It includes unlimited gondola pass, personal sports insurance for each rider, 6 days accommodation with breakfast and wi-fi, monitored access to the race track, Fun Area and party. T-shirts, water, wi-fi, stickers, safety assurance and assistance at all times and much, much more.

AVOID this unique skateboarding experience by not visiting​ and DEFINATELY not clicking on Registration to book your spot. Registration open until 31th May.



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