2017 Pantheon Sacrifice Released

If you’ve been following Pantheon or Jeff Vyain over the past many months, you’ll know they have moved, tooled up and are making some epic new product out of their new digs. Check out the recently released Sacrifice and be sure to follow Pantheon on social media for all the daily to day pro to and build updates.

New for 2017, the Sacrifice deck from PANTHEON. This deck is a snappy brick built out of the 2017 Sage mold. With wheelbase options from 26-28 inches and spacing at every half inch, you are in primary wheelbase-land for hauling ass.

The crescent drop remains the same as the original Sage deck, but this year we have incorporated a meaty full W concave with perfect pockets between the W-concave and drops in both the front and back. We did this because we felt like the Sage platform was long enough to get a little lost on, and by adding the W feature, we have fully eliminated that, as well as increasing torsional strength and overall rigidity.

We lengthened the distance between the drops vs. the older Sage model by 1/2 inch to fully incorporate the W into the platform and to maximize the size of the board into the haul-ass wheelbase options. We also slightly reduced the concave from last year’s model to reduce heel slip on heelside slides and improve board feel through the W-concave.

Lastly, that W-concave is going to be just about the most comfortable and functional W you’ve ever stood on. So say goodbye to monkey toe and be prepared to huck and tuck!

Overall features:
– Same 1/4″ crescent drop you know and love
– 35 3/8 inch length
– 26-28 inch wheelbase
– 9 5/8 inch width
– Symmetrical standing platform between the drops
– Wholesome and bonerific at the same time
– Tons of Wheel Clearance
– Best graphic ever
– All the features

Length – 36 inches
Width – 9.6 inches,
Slight Taper Wheelbase – 23.5-25.5 inches
Drop – 1/4″ Crescent
Rocker – 1/4″ Centered
Flushmounts for Inner Wheelbase Options

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