AHMYO VIBEZ 64mm 84a Featuring Eduardo Cordero x Brainwash Media

AHMYO Vibez emerged to resonate and spread the goodness they contain in every shape and form of skateboarding.
Whether your sliding sidewalks or bombing mountain roads. These Vibez are highly powered to provide fun and elevate your frequencies on top of your board.

Brainwash Media Followed Ed for a weekend shred from the city to the mountains to showcase a little of what these Vibez are up for.
Check it out and spread those #Vibez !

Films & Edit : #BrainWashMedia
Rider: Eduardo Cordero
Music: Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf : Methods

The ancient Vedic Masters spoke of NADA BRAHMA, “the world is sound, the world is vibration”.

Modern physics confirm that matter is made up of subatomic particles vibrating at a certain speed. Even our thoughts are emitted into the universe in the form of vibration with its higher or lower frequency, attracting equal vibrations.

The different frequencies in which each object or being vibrates allows our brain to differentiate them. Yet the principle of vibration tells us that nothing is immobile, and in that constant movement, everything is connected.

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