Axel Serrat x Arbor Skateboards 2017 Crosscut

Axel Serrat joined Arbor Skateboards last year and has been putting in work across their lineup. Now with the 2017 Crosscut series release, it seems like Axel has found himself a bit of a home on these decks and is out there shredding and smiling as he does. Peep some of the behind the scenes photos from the video.

More on the Crosscut Series:

Arbor Skateboards :: 2017 Crosscut Series from Arbor Collective on Vimeo.

The Crosscut Series is a gathering of hybrid shapes with a longer wheelbase, designed for mixed street riding, and tricks at speed. Featuring the Artwork of Oliver Hibert, and layup comprised of a mix of hand-dyed colored plies, these boards are sure to turn heads on the hills and at your local street spots. The Shakedown is available in both a 34” and 37”, size down for a more tech feel, or size up for high speed ripping.