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Skate Invasion: Ithaca Skate Jam 2017

For the last 6 years the Skate Invader crew have gathered together to hauled ass down to Ithaca New York for the Ithaca Skate Jam hosted by Comet Skateboards.

The Ithaca skate jam is backed by the city of Ithaca to shut down a major road to showcase all forms of downhill skateboarding. The Comet skateboard crew set up ramps, hail bails and a DIY skate park for a “skate everything” vibe. We’ve been lucky with nothing but Jah sunshine for the last 5 years but this year was wet, wet, wet and in immortal words of Tim Smith “Water is wet, Send it.”

The rain came and didn’t leave to let us play.

Power Grom Jacsen Kutik is all smiles on the wet wet road.

Brady Brown floating one out in the slick.

Jared Henry danger skating in a soaked skate park.

David Jackson with the side line feels.

Sam Flint always winning the wet t-shirt conest.

The importal god Tim Smith sending hot fire in the wet.

Meme these feeling.

Brady Brown sent it all day everyday with Matt King close behind.

Nothing Like a classic crotch grab colemen. David Jaskson stylen it out like it was 2011.

Zachary James Levy Lecker skated everything all day and everyday.

Over 175 years old and still going strong, Mr Comet skateboards Jason Salfi still laying it back for the ladies.

Big Dave is the spirit animal you’ve always wanted to be.

When Tim Smith sends is just right you’ll get all these feels!!!

Check out more photographs here on the Skate Invader fanpage.

Beaten, bruised and sick the Ithaca skate jam is still a rip after all these years. A single hill sometimes is all you need if you are surrounded by creative people and the right attitude. So the next time the sky starts falling and you’re down in the dumps, remember we are made all made of 60% water and when the water is wet, it’s time to send it! Till next time keep Skate Invading the planet.