AHMYO Wheels Drops The New Akasha FR

The aliens at AHMYO have cooked up a new wheel out of their already popular Akashas, taking the loved lipped version and turning it into a more drifty freeride wheel.

AKASHA FR 79A AHMYO WHEELS from Ahmyo Wheels on Vimeo.

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After a couple years of shredding our loved 76mm 79a Inset AHMYO Akashas. Our family of alien rippers wanted to try a more forgiving and drift oriented option in the same and great thane and core.

Phil Sacks – Benjamin Solano Photo

We decided to prototype some cuts and as we thought, the changes were dank! So we tweaked our classic shape a bit to bring you a new slidier version of an already epic wheel. Now with a centerset core placement, grounded skin and a 53mm contact patch these beauts are ready to lay some love lines right away!

Gloria Gutierrez – Brainwash Media Photo

If you’re familiar with the Akashas, you’ll love this freeride option. And if you haven’t tried em yet, now you don’t have any excuses. Without the skin and lip, the Akasha FR will give you even more trust to throw some comfy slides wherever you need or like em.

Garret Smith – Michael Ambrey Photo

With great acceleration thanks to the classic known core and a trustworthy thane, this wheel is our take on a true Downhill Freeride shape. Hands down or not. If you’re one of those speedfreak drifters. This shape will be a favorite in your setup for sure.

Trust! And Try some fine Ahmyo wheels!