Ben Dub Pro Model – Kebbek Skateboards

Ben lives a mysterious life in the woods, and it’s important for him to stretch his resources. Tune in to see the various ways he likes to use his new pro-model, and get inspired to do the same.

Ben is a man of mystery. He lives off the grid in the rugged backwoods of northern Quebec, and answers only to his dog, Sasquatch. We haven’t heard from him in months, but when he does venture into the city to surface for a local event, his personality and style is never forgotten. Ben has been on the team since 2008, and has continued to influence downhill skateboarding with vibrancy and charisma.

Go fast, find lines, hop a sewer, cut alleys and do it every day. Ben’s lifestyle is one that has no boundaries so we had to make him a board without any. Are you tired of packing your car with too many decks for a trip? Do you just want to bring one that can do everything? Make more room for beer in your trunk by only needing to bring one deck. Get the ben dub to skate everything.


Length: 38 inches

Width: 9.75 inches

Wheelbase: 23.8 to 27 inches


Features: Opalescent paint, Flushmount, Rocker .5 Inch,Micro drop, 9 ply