Sector 9 x Marley Family Colab: 2017 Bob Marley Series Skateboards

Few musicians have been as iconic as Bob Marley and few brands have been as iconic to longboarding as Sector 9. After collaborating in the past, Sector 9 and the Marley family are collaborating yet again to bring you something to let the Good Times Roll!

From Sector 9:

San Diego, CA (May 18th, 2017) – For the second time, Sector 9 Skateboard Co., preeminent global provider of skateboards, is partnering with the Marley family, on a board series featuring iconic Bob Marley images.

Designed with the legend of Bob in mind, and an eye towards the environment, the new four board collection is constructed with 100% sustainably harvested Bamboo.

“In 2011, we partnered with the Marley family on a very successful line of limited-edition skateboards, and thought the timing was right to work together again, on an updated series,” says Dennis Telfer, Sector 9 Creative Director and Brand Co-Founder. “Bob remains an inspiration of authenticity and equality, which is in line with the skating lifestyle.”

“The bamboo makes these boards cool and conscious – I love them!” adds Ziggy Marley, when asked about his feeling on the new Sector 9 collection.

Starting this month, the Bob Marley series will be available for sale in select Sector 9 authorized dealers, and offers something for every riding style.   The imagery also allows fans an opportunity to celebrate Bob and their love of skateboarding by hanging a deck on their wall.

The boards included are: Natty Dread (26.5”) $134; Small Axe (32.5”) $179; Jamming (37.5”) $179; and Exodus (38.5”) $179.  All boards will feature various styles of Gull Wing trucks and either 9-Ball or Top Shelf wheels.

ABOUT SECTOR 9: Sector 9 has been making skateboarding fun since 1993 by staying committed to creating a comprehensive line of highly functional and innovative products.  Since that time, we’ve become known for making the best, most functional, premium skateboards for the widest range of consumers. Sector 9 doesn’t care if you’re 6 or 60 years old; we want to make a board that you can have fun on and progress to the best of your ability, from the mountains to the sea and everywhere in between.  www.sector9.com

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