Moonshine MFG On The Road In Kamloops

Moonshine MFG has an awesome team of riders including Brandon Desjarlais, Nick Pappas, Christian Myers, Mark Nicolaus and Jarrid Lopez to name a few. And those guys in particular are on the road in Brandon’s new swaggin’ party bus he recently picked  up.

Inside the bus. Photo Brandon Desjarlais

The most recent stop of their trip in Kamloops, BC for the Kamloops Longboard Club BBQ at the Longboard Park and the Skate Sun Peaks event is the recent topic of their blog. read it here.

Moonshine at the Kamloops Longboard Park. Photo matt Boozer

We snagged a couple of the photos by Matt Boozer from the post to share with you but there is a lot more in the post on thanks to Matt and a whole story from Brandon Desjarlais.

Brandon getting tweaking his Moonshine setup. Photo Matt Boozer

Brandon and Jarrid enjoying the Kamloops sights. Photo Matt Boozer

Jarrid testing his G-Form #forscience. Photo Matt Boozer

Nick Pappas standing up one of the many turns in full dress best for the team costume contest. Photo Matt Boozer

Brandon Desjarlais with his hands up for Sun Peaks. Photo Matt Boozer

Mark Nicolaus hands down and hunting. Photo Matt Boozer.

Check out the video from their Facebook feed at the Sun Peaks event: