Joe Lehm: Maryhill University Skills Camp at the RVOD Freeride

Just a reminder that the Skills Camp is only one week away and we are getting stoked! The coaching staff this year will be Joe Lehm, Robin McGuirk, Emma Daigle, Max Capps, Billy Bones and Ryan Ricker and those riders that complete the camp will get a first edition Maryhill University t-shirt! To get you stoked we caught up with Joe Lehm to share a little about his history at Maryhill and why he’s hosting the Maryhill Skills Camp at the RVOD Freeride.

From Joe:

The first time I rode Maryhill I was not prepared in more ways than one. My team mate Casey Duncan was even less prepared and between the 2 of us we had talked ourselves into flying out from New Mexico to race in an EDI Gravity Games Qualifier. It was 2002, we had both gone 50 mph before but were totally unprepared to do what we had signed up for on this weekend. We could barely contain our excitement…we also could barely turn, barely foot brake and barely tuck. It was our good luck that so many of the Pros were willing to help us and take the time to teach us some basics. Like how to stop!

Team Dregs, the Rogers Bros, Mark Golter and Gary Hardwick were all friendly and approachable and showed us how to have fun on the hill while safely challenging ourselves more with each run. By the end of the weekend there was a whole new batch of groms confidently riding and racing from the top: Dean Ozuna, Danny Connor, Bricin Lyons, Jody Wilcok, Tom Edstrand, JM Duran, Patrick Rizzo, Rob McKendry, Casey Duncan and Myself.


Deano and I have been friends ever since, our shared love of Maryhill has kept us coming back all these years. Mostly to give others a chance to enjoy the same experience that we were afforded all those years ago: That magical feeling of pushing off from the top and enjoying a 4 minute ride down 22 perfect turns and then getting a ride back up to the top! A couple of years ago Deano told me that at every G-Ride there were riders signed up that were not able to turn, foot brake or tuck and some were not able to work their way up to take it from the top even after an entire weekend of trying. Sound familiar?

That’s when we decided that the Maryhill Ratz and Skate School should team up to offer a 3 day Maryhill Skills Camp where riders will of all ages and abilities can get expert instruction. Less experienced riders can have a chance to learn the skills they’ll need to ride the Loops road from the top without foot braking by the end of this 3 day camp. That is the requirement for ‘Graduation’ and it’s possible to achieve it with the help of this awesome program! We start by teaching 3 ways to slow down and 4 ways to stop at speed, how to identify different types of turns, cornering techniques and the relationship between hand sliding, wheel sliding, pre-drifting and full on Shut Down slides. High speed safety skills make the difference between falling and crashing!

Some of the current Ratz faithfully mobbing the last freeride! Watch how Spencer Smith uses a footbreak midway through the video – these are key skills at any level.

By Sunday advanced riders will be learning start techniques, power pushing, the tactics of drafting, passing, cornering and advancing. Learn about how king pin angles, bushing and wheels sizes, shapes and duros can all add up to an improved performance if set up correctly for the course and it’s ever changing conditions. Riders will also be given individualized ‘Homework’ to help them continue to improve and encouraged to set goals for racing. Coaches this year will include Robin McGuirk, Emma Daigle, Max Capps, Billy Bones and Ryan Ricker

Last Year’s Race Camp:

Skills Camp begins on Friday afternoon June 23rd and continue throughout the weekend of The RVOD G-Ride with on course coaching and difficulty options for all skill levels. Registration for Skills Camp is still open at, you will need to sign up for both the Maryhill Ratz G-Ride and the Skills Camp to be enrolled in “University of Maryhill”.  The entry fee includes 3 days of safely riding the most famous skateboarding hill in the world, a personalized laminated badge and lanyard, a Maryhill Ratz water bottle, a University of Maryhill T-Shirt and lunch each day.

University of Maryhill Skills Camp
June 24 & 25, 2017

The RVOD G-Ride
June 24 & 25, 2017

We’ll see you at the bottom!