Sector 9 Jimmy Riha Pro Model Downhill Division Board Out Now!

Introducing the Downhill Division Jimmy Riha Pro Model Deck!

This board is 38.5″ x 9.625″ with wheelbases ranging from 25″-28″ and a perfect kicktail. Featuring a mellow blend of mirco-drop and rocker, this board keeps your feet locked in and comfortable. Flush mounts keep your board lower to the ground for greater stability and your truck angles true, while the mellow kicktail gives you unparalleled versatility.

Length: 38.5”
Width: 9.625”
Varying Wheelbase: 25”-28”
Concave: Radial, Rocker
Construction: Maple

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9 Ply Maple
CNC Wheel Wells
Flush Truck Mounts
Mellow Drop Rocker
Kick Tail


38.5″ Length
9.75″ Width
25.0″ – 29.25″ Wheel Base


Recommended setup:
10.0″ Gullwing Reverse Trucks
63mm 80a RAD Riha Influence Wheels
Black Ball Ceramic Bearings and Spacers
Recycled Plastic Shock Pads
1.25″ Hardened Steel Bolts
ECG Grip Tape

More details here.