James Kelly and Skate United

Skate United is a non profit project aimed at Europe’s migrant crisis. They use skateboarding/longboarding to bring displaced refugees and local children together. Check out the new video featuring James Kelly and find out more below.

From James Kelly’s Facebook:

Everywhere I go I see the unique power of skateboarding/longboarding bringing people together.

In October of 2015 I went to Lebanon hosting skate sessions in Syrian Refugee camps. There I saw the extent of escapism and bonding power skateboarding can offer first hand. No one had seen these kids so happy in months. Just a simple skateboard offered them an escape, something all skaters can relate to. The children and I shared in this experience a few weeks before their home got hit by a suicide bomber, I still pray for their safety. This experience inspired me to create Skate United.

Skate United’s goal is to bring sustainable skate session to the Europe’s refugee camps. Showing these war torn lives that they can always be apart of the skateboarding community. Please take a look at the video explaining the project and follow out Facebook page for updates. Contact us to get involved, we need the help.

Our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/skateunited123

Huge thanks to Martina Buckley for the edit, and everyone in my crew that’ve given and supported since day one. Thanks to PRISM SKATE CO for donating boards. More to come…

Please feel free to contact us, donate, or to get involved in any way. email – skateunited123@gmail.com