Burnt Pineapple: A Skate Movie – Watch It Now!

Burnt Pineapple is a full-length downhill skateboarding movie produced by Calvin Skinner and presented by The East Cooperative.

Filmed without the direct support of sponsors and advertisers, Calvin took to the hills and community to work with the skateboarders and put together something unique and incredible that featured their experiences skating. In the end, Calvin and the crew proved that with some effort, ingenuity and a passion for skateboarding and filming, anything really was possible… now you can see the results for yourself.

Featuring: Tobias Martin, Jack Quinn, Ryan Bliss, Lachlan Breheny, Korey Kamp, Brady Faithful, Nick Greentree and Daniel McDonald

Runtime: 35mins

Daniel McDonald

Nick Greentree out front

Nick Greentree

Brady Faithful

Tobias Martin

Daniel McDonald

Jack Quinn

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