Crunchie x Harfang Wheels: Candle Light

We recently dropped the release for the Harfang Supreme Roman Candles and it looks like they have made their way to Crunchie in New Zealand already. Check out the edit and his new Patreon account to support his efforts and maybe you can win a set of wheels!

From Crunchie:

Hey guys if you would like to win a set of wheels like this check out my patreon
If you would like to buy some of these (Roman Candle) wheels

Song: lucky.s. – June

Skater: Justin Bain

I’m a team rider for Hillside Gear – (They make my leathers)

I’m a team rider for Acid Longboards – (They make my longboards)

Check out my Facebook Page –… (This is a good place to contact me)

Hi guys, the boards I ride are an Acid Fallout and an Acid Addict.
I primarily ride RAD Wheels and I run Aera K4s (previously K3s) with Venom Bushings.

This was filmed in New Zealand

If you would like to use any of my footage for any reason please contact me at

Find out more about Crunchie and how you can support here.