Devin Supertramp: Skateboard Parkour in 8k – Streets of San Francisco!

Devin Supertramp has become one of the more well known videographers from his youtube channel and incredibly high quality, full of colour and life and super fun video concepts. We’ve seen him work with Downhill before for a Ford Motors campaign, this time he’s featuring street skating with the added twist of parkour… pretty sick video and definitely worth watching the behind the scenes as well.

Watch the behind the scenes here:

From Devin Supertramp:

Super big thanks to Gillette for making this video happen.

The AMAZING athlete featured in this video is Jose Angeles. One of the most talented people we have ever worked with by far. Go follow him right now!
Music: Queens and Kings by MALAKAI (Featuring Fingazz)
Buy it here:

Film by Devin Graham in 8K on the RED Helium with the Devin Graham Signature Series Glidecam. Edit by Devin Graham using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Sound Design by Dan Pugsley.

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