Prism Skate Co. – FACES – Liam Morgan

The second installment of our FACES series centers on another denizen of the Bay Area – Liam Morgan. Liam touches on everything from coming up as a pro rider, early memories of a legendary local descent, and his feelings on the helmet police while taking you to some of his favorite spots. With unique takes on locations from the East Bay to Oregon and back to some intense night bombs in San Francisco, this one keeps you on the edge the whole time, classic Liam style.

Directed by: Jack Boston
Drone Footage by: Tyto Alba Media, Michael Stern
Follow Film by: Joey Nickell

Music: “Klavierstuck IX” Karlhienz Stockhausen
“Intro” Gardens and Villa
“Fingerbib” Aphex Twin
“Homo Sapiens” Acid Baby Jesus
“Small Town Talk” Bobby Charles

Special thanks to Legends Noah Sakamoto and Patrick Rizzo.

Old Claremont footage provided by:…