Devils Peak Downhill Update From Rolo: Respecting the Spot

Devil’s Peak has had some unfortunate experiences in their area that has put the event at risk. We are confident and have been assured the event will go off, but there are some last minute changes to some of the parking and camping. Please read the message from Justin Rolo, event organizer, and check their Facebook page for details.

From Devil’s Peak Facebook:

This sort of thing should really go without saying, but has unfortunately caused me an extreme amount of trouble in the past couple weeks, and now we have to have a discussion about it.

Several weeks ago a skater riding the Devil’s Peak Downhill course open-road, “went under the bumper” of a car driving up through a hairpin turn. As it turns out, the driver of the vehicle was an ex-county chairman who was working closely with us on the event, and allowing us to use much of his personal land at the top of the hill for our event.

The skater took off after the incident, leaving the driver stunned and very upset. He owns the large dirt lot atop the Devil’s Peak course that we were going to use for parking, as well as the smaller dirt driveway lot at the start line that we were going to use for the podium, staging, and hanging out.

Due to this incident: the driver, and owner of all that property, has gone VERY far out of his way to try to shut us down and make Devil’s Peak Downhill impossible to put-on. I have spent every day since returning from the Eurotour up in town dealing with this ridiculous issue, as well as everything and everybody involved with us hosting our skateboard race on Guanella Pass. It’s been a nightmare.

We’re still going to pull it off, and Devil’s Peak Downhill is still going to happen. But, as a result of one-person’s actions, we no longer have on-course parking, or an on-course staging area. Two crucial elements to any sanctioned skateboarding event.

I’m very discouraged that our event had to be the example to show the rest of the World what happens when local riders don’t show respect to the location, the event, and the event organizers beforehand. Organizing and sanctioning Devil’s Peak has been one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced, and to have it jeaporadized by somebody who couldn’t show an ounce of respect for what we’re trying to do for our local, and international, skateboarding community is heartbreaking to say the least.

That being said, I’m very excited to have you all in town to hang out and skate one of the coolest roads in Colorado. Devil’s Peak Downhill is going to be one for the history books.

Information on the new parking situation, camping, event schedule, and more coming soon…

Parking Update:

We will be utilizing a large dirt lot near the Georgetown Lake in town for parking. From here, you’ll get on a shuttle to head up to the hill.

Shuttles from the parking lot to the hill start at 8:00am, and will go until 9:15am Saturday and Sunday. GET THERE EARLY!! Skating starts at 9:00am.

There will not be another option to get you to the hill if you miss the shuttles. I suggest downloading the UBER app. There will be no option to go into town for lunch during the event, so come prepared with all of your food and gear.

Shuttles will take you back down to the parking lot at 5:15pm after skating for the day.

Spectator shuttle will start at 12:00noon on Sunday (race day) only. Spectator shuttle will be going to and from the event all day until 6:00pm. If you would to spectate on Saturday, or earlier on Sunday, you’ll need to get on a rider shuttle in the morning.