2017 Pantheon Embryo

Returning for 2017, our Embryo deck has been a staple in the lineup since we first began, literally being the first model we ever made! This year we have completely revamped, reshaped, and re-thought the entire concept. The Embryo has always been a classic top mount shape with subtle features.

This year is no different in that regard, but we have taken out the bubbles and reshaped the concave and rail for a full-on California style downhill skateboard, with a subtle twist. Paying tribute to classic shapes like the old school DHD, the Embryo is classic in shape, but the Devil is in the details!

We designed the concave so that there is a slight bowl in front, and then a clean sweep of concave from the front to back, regardless of the width of the board. So many decks with big tapers offer little to no board feel in the back, as well as greater torsional flex due to lack of concave where the concave gets effectively cut out of the board. Straight radial concaves can help alleviate this, but your foot isn’t in the shape of a straight radius, so why would you want to stand in one?!

We took our progressive concave and built it so that the concave relief is linear from front to back, with the deepest part at the heel of the front foot, all while using a non-linear surfboard shape. If that’s as hard to understand as it is to explain, take the Embryo, flip it over, and look at the rail. Then flip it back over, point it downhill, and take a rip.

Overall Features:
– 1/4 inch rocker
– 38 inch length
– 9.8 inch width
– 26.5-29 inch wheelbase
– Clean rail sweep with rail feel from front to back
– All the style points
– Graphic with an eye symbolizing consciousness which is so in right now!

More details here.