Check In with Matt Noseworthy: Malto Moves West, Joins Kebbek and Heads to Europe

Matt Noseworth has been on our radar a few years now. Previously from Toronto and still notoriously an escarpment Surfer, Matt has made his way not only to living in Vancouver, but onto the Kebbek team and out to Europe for some skating. We hit him up to check in on skate life and see what’s good.

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Hey Matt. Long time no chat. We live in the same city now?

Yup! Moved to Vancouver about 10 months ago.

You’ve been doing some travelling, so you’re not even in Canada right? Where are you?

I was just in Europe and finished up a two week trip from Kozakov challenge to Week 1 of the KnK Bear guts Freeride!

What did the whole trip look(ed)(ing) like… when did you leave, when you back? Whats the schedule kinda thing ha ha

Flew into Prague, meet up with a dope crew, Kozakov for a week, then drove through Austria to KnK in Slovenia, then back to Canada

Was this your first trip to Europe?

First time to Europe to skate yes. Been there once before and I had to come back.

Any highlights so far?

The Kozakov party was off the hook, went a bit to hard but it’s Euro tour why not? Also the waterpark in Turnov is amazing after a long day in leathers.

Where else have you been traveling to so far in 2017?

Kicking off the year spent 2 weeks in Socal to escape the snow and rain, after that spend another week and a half in NC for NCDH MT. Jefferson race and open roads after. Then was working and skating the local goodness and well went to the giants head freeride.

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You have some new sponsors helping you get places right? What’s going on with Kebbek? How did that happen?

Kebbek and I connected a while back in October, so I thought it be cool just to try out some of the boards. Ended up really like the tm36 (which is now Raphael Therrien’s board) and it seemed like a good fit.

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Seems super fitting for you to be riding an OG brand. Have you had Kebbek boards before?

Stoked that a brand with so much history and was interested in me! I personally didn’t own a board, but the dudes that taught me to skate downhill did. And seemed to have nothing but good things to say about them.

What are some of your favourite Kebbek boards over 25 years?

The lama Ben Dub was a killer, the old Niko, and definitely got give a shout the John Barnet.

What are you go to boards now? What are you riding in Europe, full setup details please!?

Right now for racing Raphs board set up with aera trucks (k5 46 sym, or k4 split 50,38) and the new 72mm Powell Peralta Downhill square lip Krimes Promodels.

And for freeride km riding a proto ben dub with Aera (Rf1, or k4 48sym) with Powell Peralta snakes.

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I just got the Raphael Therrien, I’m stoked to get it setup. Maybe we can go for a rip when you’re back in Vancouver, there are a few Highway Jams coming. Who do you typically skate with?

Yeah for sure! Usually try and skate the local goods, somewhere deep in the Nebraska wilderness. There’s always a good crew of people to head out with.

You were living in Toronto and then moved to Vancouver. Why?

Moved out here for for school, and to skate. I’d like to think more so for school but skateboards were definitely an influence in the decision.

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You’re living with other skaters right? Who do you live with now?

Yeah I’m living with Tony Graves and Justin Readings.

Are you working or going to school when not doing the skate and travel thing?

I was working a lot before my trip, found out that I was going to lose my job so said why not go to Europe. And there I was. Hopefully going back to school in September.

Overall, what are the biggest differences between the east and west scenes you’ve experienced here in Canada?

I’ve got a lot more homies on the east coast, but that’s just cause there where I was brought up. I feel that the east coast is really down to always skate, where west coast is a bit more relaxed and down to chill more.

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What is the experience in Europe like then in comparison to Canada?

Europe, people tend to chill with the people that speak the same language. Which is understandable, but there are also a lot of exceptions. I think you just kinda have to experience it. Canada and Australia definitely where chillin at Kozakov.

Top 3 favourite spots you’ve skated globally?

Giants head
Kozakov race course
Anything in NC
(Honorable mention Burk, Bring back Burk World Cup!!!)

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How about 3 places you haven’t been to but need to?

Swiss alps
French alps

How’s the beer in Europe vs Canada?

Beer is dirt cheap most places and really good. Even the not so good beer is amazing.

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21. Favorite food on the road so far?

Kebab and pizza.

Go to meal at home in Canada?

Pizza, or chicken wings

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Any last words? Sponsor shout outs? Hey mom I’m alive, send money?!

Shout out to Kebbek skateboards for making my euro tour happen. Endless thanks to them, with out there support would not have been able to have these amazing experiences I’ve got to be apart of these last 2 weeks. Shout out to Switchback for the last minute help, Darkspeed for the gloves, Aera for the sickest trucks in the game, and Powell Peralta for the dopest wheels you can skate. ES FOR LIFE also yeah my mom and dad, for the blind support of what I’m passionate about.

Thanks for the interview Matt and congrats on joining Kebbek!

Thanks stoked on the opportunity!