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Joe Lehm is a long time Skater, Stoker, Organizer, Coach and Mentor, to name a few of his accolades. These titles don’t come without his endless years of dedication to Skateboarding and the community. We’ve worked with Joe to cover his Santa Fe Skate School, All Around Challenge, Ditch SLAP and Day Job from blog to print and all over social. With the introduction of skateboarding to the Olympics in 2020, Joe has the opportunity to further his place in skate history and help support the future of Team USA in their early efforts and beyond.

While you might have your opinions on Skateboarding in the Olympics, the wheels are on the road and I for one support Skaters and their pursuit of passion, especially Joe Lehm, and have to do so here as well. Please check out the GoFundMe Campaign and see if you can help support Joe in the pursuit of skateboarding in the Olympics.

From the GoFundMe Page:

Support Joe Lehm on GoFundMe here.

Skateboarding has officially been added to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo! Twice this year Joe Lehm has had the honor of appearing before the US Olympic Committee on behalf of skateboarding as they sort out who will be the National Governing Body, oversee the athlete qualification process and choose who will be representing Team USA .

Joe has been recruited in this effort by USA Roller Sports  to travel to Nanjing, China as a Team Manager / Coach for the US Skateboarding Team at the World Roller Sports Championships September 5th-10th. 2017. This event is recognized by the IOC and is the beginning of the path to the 2020 Olympics for our athletes.

First time Olympic Sports get NO funding, nor do the coaches, training facilities or managers. Joe Lehm is seeking help to cover expenses for this trip from the community that has helped him bring his vision this far and now onto a much larger stage where he plans to have a meaningful impact.  Donations in any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Joe has been skateboarding since 1969, enjoyed every era as it evolved and still does every form of skating from freestyle to skateparks to racing. His extensive experience coaching at Skate School Santa Fe, supporting several Pro Skaters through the TimeShip Racing Team and organizing over 60 events over the last 16 years has helped prepare him for this amazing opportunity. We are all very excited and know that he will do everything in his power to help elevate skateboarding to the Olympic level.

Support Joe Lehm on GoFundMe here.

Support Joe Lehm on GoFundMe here.

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Support Joe Lehm on GoFundMe here.