Prism Skate Co. – FACES – Jordan Riachi

We would never call Jordan Riachi the most stylish skater we’ve ever seen, style is subjective and what is aesthetically pleasing to us may not ring true to the masses. But it’d be hard to argue he doesn’t make riding a plank of wood down a hill look as effortless as throwing back a gas station meat pie. Jordan made his yearly pilgrimage to California last month and had enough time to hit a few Bay Area classics before heading inland to skate one of the crown jewels of Northern California. Listen as he touches on everything from the origins of style, to belligerent roadside fist fights with Liam Morgan.

Directed by: Jack Boston
Follow Film by: Tom Flinchbauch
Additional Filming: Noah Fischer, Quentin Gachot

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“Hide in Plain Sight” by Jim James
“Portofino” by Raymond Scott
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