Max Capps Wins the 2017 Maryhill Windwalk

This past Labor Day weekend over a hundred downhill enthusiasts from ten nations battled at the Maryhill Windwalk in Washington State. It was a hot 3 day weekend with temperatures of 100+ F˚ on Saturday. Friday was freeriding, Saturday was freeriding and qualifying, and Sunday was racing. There were many different classes racing including a women’s street luge class, but the biggest news is that Max Capps won the Professional Class at one of the most sought after race hills, Maryhill.

This first time event, The Maryhill Windwalk, came out with a bang with it’s huge infrastructure, multiple video cameras, the jumbotron (GoVision) on the final corner, and the music stage in Goldendale. The first day, riders got hella runs in while the video crew set up their tents, cords, and rest of the gear for filming. The course workers were volunteers from Goldendale’s Future Farmers of America and after one of the hot days, a few of the kids had heat stroke. A big thanks goes to them for the help in the extreme conditions.

Mike “Papdog” Paproski was out filming/shooting photos all weekend.

Inline skater Gabe Holm gets bored going forward down the hill.

Small boards and aero lids are popular at Maryhill. Aussies David Lanham and Tim White rail through a lefty.

Ryan Villa of Subsonic Skateboards made all the trophies for the event.

The first night of music got a late start because of an oversight of the need for enough generators. But once it did, it was rockin’. The most excitement of the night was when an older Goldendale man drove straight into the venue to argue about the noise. I can understand his frustration, but we had every legal right to be there. After he left to drive around the Ekone Park parking lot, organizer Darius parked the Uhaul in the entrance to prevent another “situation.”

Bob Fossil played a set that transcended a single genre. A little bit a country, a little bit of rock’n’roll.

The second day consisted of freeriding and qualifying. Saturday was the hottest with temperatures rising to 106˚F. Riders stayed hydrated and in the shade when they weren’t riding. Some smart ones drank lots of water and sweated in their leathers for the extra weight. After a day of qualifying, riders wanted to know their times, but unfortunately technical difficulties contributed to them not getting their qualifying times until the next day.

Papdog gets pitted on that extra inside line, slash grinding the inside lip of the road on Cowzer’s Corner.


Rick Kludy was out there for the Windwalk having not been there in 15 years.

Rick Kludy’s set-up, with the help of Zak Maytum.

Rick Kludy:

Freakin’ Zak [Maytum] helped me with my set-ep. I was way too loose, Ha! Never in my life have I had my trucks so loose. I never touched my board; just got on it and rode.

Rick Kludy dips towards Cowzer’s Corner in his Captain America leathers.

Emily Pross qualifies 9th with a scorching time of 03:08.468 in the 100+˚ F heat.

Douglas Silva, who has won previously and has been in the finals of Maryhill races numerous times over the years, qualified 11th with a time of 03:08.938.

The second night also had some “hitches” in getting the music started on time. Ironically enough, the delay was all because of a proprietary hitch that the rented generator had attached to it. Once it was finally towed to the hill, there was enough power for all the stage lights, full sound, and visualizations. The visualizations and multiple DJs were provided by the Waves Seattle team.

Quackson gets on the decks, DJ’ing a set.

Danny Connor, among others, was stoked.

People from different walks, dancing as one.

Quackmarion, the back to back combo of Quackson and Kumarion both of WAVES.

Dancing in the crowd.

These locals won the party, literally. They won the award the following night at 11:30 pm.

Last day was Sunday, race day. There was a lot of anticipation among the racers. With so much history behind the hill, it was awesome to see another race go down here. From EDI to Timeship Racing to the Maryhill Festival of Speed to Maryhill Showdown at the Loops to now the Maryhill Windwalk. For the pro class, there were many past winners racing. Douglas Silva won in 2014, Zak Maytum won in 2010 and in 2015, and Max Ballesteros won last year. Max Capps has been coming to Maryhill for years, but hadn’t had what it takes to make it on the podium. In 2012, he didn’t even make the qualifying cut in the open class. Last year he won the consolation final. After many years of dedicated training on Glendora Mountain Road, SoCal rider Max Capps came back with a strong passion and desire to win.

Announcers Danny Connor and David Dean bantered for the camera.

The switchboard crew inside the jumbotron.

Camera 1…camera 2…camera 1…camera 2… anybody catch the reference?

Tad Drysdale and Mike Shaughnessy dip into the Never Ending Left.

The crowd watches the Grand Masters final heat.

Tad Drysdale leads the final heat with Swervo Fakie close behind.

A close finish in the Grand Masters. It looks like Kludy won this heat, but it was a points based system and so Mike Shaughnessy got third

Loryn Wipperman races the straight.

Catherine Odell must have painted her helmet herself, being the artist she is.

Areum Jung and Katrina Vogel stay synchronized and color coordinated

Colorado crew watching the big screen.

Crowd watches the big screen.

Danny Connor and David Dean on the big screen.

Jes M Izman jumps out of the Uhaul trailer at the top of the hill.

Race brackets at the top.

Women’s street luge pushes off from the top.

Riders watch the tight women’s luge heat.

Kurtis Head, in yellow, discovered Maryhill near the start of this century. He held down the top of the hill all weekend.

Nicholas Broms leads an amateur heat.

Amateur heat staked.

Derek Kuo’s toe slipped off the board and he slid out with this leg on the board.

Derek Kuo stands up while the pack continues down the hill.

There was a camera at the lookout providing a 900x zoom view of the track for the big screen.

Roy Wolf leads the Masters final through the first repeater.

Master’s draft train.

Lee Dansie makes a double pass in between repeaters.

Masters blast through the second repeater.

Justin Rolo before the first round of Pro racing.

Nicholas Broms led the Juniors heat by a long shot.

Kade Keller, Mason Shin, Andrew Geromel, and Jake Knudsen follow in the Junior final heat.

Juniors Finals

Max Capps and Zak Maytum are the first to appear in the first round of Pro racing.

Max Ballesteros, previous Maryhill winner, leads with Max Wipperman and the pack close behind.

Douglas Silva, also a previous Maryhill winner, leads his pack with Justin Rolo hot on his tail.

Rolo makes the pass in the spaghetti.

Brennan Bast leads with Kyle West close behind in the fourth heat of the first round of pro class racing.

In the first heat of the semifinals, Max Capps leads Zak Maytum once again, this time in the spaghetti

Brennan Bast and Justin Rolo lead their semifinal heat.

Kyle Wester’s eagle arms touch the top of the grass on the inside of the Never Ending Left. Billy Meiners holds up the rear.

Some stoked finalalists and a not so stoked Max Capps, “Get your arm off me, Lee.”

There were some adorable spectators.

The finals heat at the top.

Spectators anxiously watch the real time action.

The mixing up, shot from the viewpoint.

Danny Connor looks back as the pro finals round the corner and come into view. “Here they come!”

Max Capps beats Zak Mayum by a couple feet to win Maryhill.

Who looks stoked? Who looks not so stoked? Regardless, it was an awesome close race.


Max Capps gets that Oxygen after the heat to help his body recover more quickly.

A very happy Max Capps, 2017 Maryhill Windwalk Champion.

Max Capps:

I hadn’t made it past second round at Maryhill before; last year made it to the semi-final round and won consolation. This year was my first final at Maryhill.

Racing ended pretty late in the day so Awards didn’t start until after dark.


Organizers Darius Escandar and Chris McBride thank everyone for their patience in running their first time event and promise next year to be much smoother with the experience.

1. Gabe Holm
2. Scott Peer
3. Craig Ellis

Classic Luge
1. Mikel Echegaray
2. Pablo Fouz
3. Frank Williams

Women’s Luge
1. Sabrina Riffenburgh
2. Jenn Buttler
3. CJ Wilkinson

Grand Masters Skateboard
1. Tad Drysdale
2. Swervo Fakie
3. Micro Shaugnessy

Master’s Skateboard
1. Robin McGuirk (not pictured)
2. Roy Wolf
3. Lee Dansie

Juniors Skateboard
1. Nick Broms
2. Kade Keller
3. Jake Knudsen

Amateur’s Skateboard
1. Morgan Smith
2. Jacob Copter
3. Mason Murphy

Women’s Skateboard
1. Emily Pross
2. Loryn Wippermann
3. Teresa Gillcrist

Street Luge
1. Mikel Echegaray
2. Ryan Farmer
3. Mike Paproski

Brennan Bast gets a lift to the stage by his Aussie homies.

Zak Maytum gets the lift from the Colorado homies.

Max Capps gets a lift from the SoCal homies.

Max Capps sprays Zak, Brennan, and the stage in celebration.

…and then drinks a bit…

…then even offers Zak some.

Pro Skateboard
1. Max Capps
2. Zak Maytum
3. Brennan Bast

Zak thanks Danny Connor for his service in downhill and announcing over the weekend.

The Fakies, including Grand Masters podium placer Mike Shaughnessy, play directly after the awards.

I put down the camera after that so I could enjoy the rest of the night. I was supposed to play a HueyLove/HueNasty DJ set but they were short on time, so I cut myself from the list. I did take these cell phone photos while dancing to Frida K and EMZY until midnight.

Frida K and some of her dedicated fans.

DJ EMZY flew from Ukraine to play us some smooth dance music.

Though there were some hiccups, the first Maryhill Windwalk was a success and a video edit should be dropping soon after this blog post is published. The organizers, Street Lounge Productions, had these shoutouts:

-City of Goldendale for always greeting the world’s gravity sports scene with warmth and hospitality upon our arrival.
-Dana Peck at the Goldendale Chamber for helping us with the onslaught of hurdles to overcome both in preproduction and during the 16 hour daily event.
-Punch Drunk and GoVision for the incredible live feed on the big screen. I wish we could have worked closer this weekend, but I am stoked that you took lead of our amazing volunteer camera ops. Brian of PD and Chris of GV went above and beyond in every way.
-One Pro AVL for dealing with me running around like an already clueless chicken with it’s head cut off. Darren and Topher, your patience and adaptability were inhuman. We will order the right generator next year.
-WAVES for also dealing with my first time ever trying to coordinate something like this. Jackson was a huge help in managing our own unpreparedness.
-All the musicians and performers that compromised due to our shortcomings this weekend… I am truly sorry for the ripple effect of chaos that had a very clear epicenter.
-Kurtis Head for running the start line and managing the course crew. You were constructive, effective, and were invaluable to the success this weekend.
-All the volunteers who went above and beyond expectations due to a low turnout and severe underestimation of staff requirements for such a huge event. We could not have done it without you.
-Ryan Villa at Subsonic Skateboards for pouring countless man hours into the hand crafted, beautiful trophies and designing the epic Subsonic Spirit: Windwalker 2017 ltd deck.
-David Dean and Danny Connor for their unparalleled announcing ability and adaptability to take control when we were nowhere to be seen.
-Jon Huey and Maxwell Storey Dubler for the epic photo coverage of the event. These photos are seriously epic.
Nick Danielson and Jake Tull for shooting and editing the daily recap videos.
-The friends and family of Chris and Darius, we would not only have lost our minds along the way, we would have not been able to get through the event without you. Thank you for being our rocks.

There are tons more missing from this list. You know who you are and we cannot wait to do this again: better, smoother, faster, and with a vast list of improvements already in the works.
We are set to host Windwalk over Labor Day Weekend (USA) every year into the future. We hope you will join us for the adventures ahead as gravity sports racing enters the future. It is going to be a wild ride.
Stay tuned for more media from Windwalk 2017!
See you August 31st 2018!

-Darius and Chris
Street Lounge Productions