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Skate Invasion: Fubu 6 All Girls Skateboard Weekend

For 6 years and counting Toronto Girls Longboarding has been hosting an all weekend event in Toronto dedicated to the ladies. Woman young and old of all skill levels are welcome to come together to skate and network in the six. In 2011 this event was revamped by stoke machine Cindy Zhou who was inspired by a Toronto all girls race from 2007 that was also called Fubu aka For You By Us. This time it was going to be a whole weekend of of fun,skateboards and lady stoke! When Cindy Zhou left for Portland it was picked up by Sisi Zhou who has also moved away to skate the world. This year Ms Molly Vaclav has bravely picked up the torch all by herself to run her very first event ever!! Running an even by yourself is no easy task especially if you sprain your ankle two days before the event and have to hobble your way to victory!! We had nothing but smiles and sunshine with another successful year.

Near the end of 2010 a close friend of mine was sexually assaulted and raped. I was looking for a positive place to re-direct the negative energy of the indecent. Energy cannot be destroy it can only changed from one form to another. When 2011 rolled around and the ladies asked me to help with Fubu it was time for me to help create new positive energy. I thought this would be great place to help inspire ladies and be positive roll model in respecting woman. In 2013 I stepped it up a notch even and put on a dress and became the now famous character “Januss”. I wanted to send the message that we should never let something as stupid as clothing stop us from respecting each other. This tradition continues and even more lady men have step into the part. Those who skate together love together and Fubu is all love and respect!

This year Januss had a new look. Stripes! Thanks to wife value village donations.


The first day of Fubu is a meet and skate along the lake shore path. We were blessed with perfect weather this year! Even though so many ladies have left us over the years the spirit of Fubu brought out woman from all over the place! The fire is still burning!! We ended the night with our traditional two boxes of win and cheese party at my place.

Miz Molly with her freshly sprained ankle and mosses pole was leading her ladies to victory.

Hannah winter first became our friend 4 years ago when we found her on the push!! Besties ever since!!

O.G.Ladies Christina Knives and Janet Choi enjoying the summer day.

Day 2

The next day we woke with a strong cheese hang over and it was off Christie pits our new race location. Unfortunately our old location got shut down by the cops two years in a row. Turn out cones on a road and people having fun really pisses off some people. This year we had nothing but happy spectators and strong vibes. The days events consisted of slalom, giant slalom, a push race around the park and the flatland dance competition.

Melissa Lee out surfing the cones.

Two of our sexy new lady men out to spread stoke and pick up cones.

Joyce Wheldrake is back in full health and slaying the cones! She ready for the worlds this year.

Audrey O’Neill first time hill bomber went from scared to stoked as hell!!!!!

Party winner and first time hill bomber Zainab Imam learned that making a mistake wasn’t scary as she thought it would be.

Her foot didn’t work but the stoke was too high for Miz Molly not to send it.

Hamilton skate queen Meghan Grace Guevarra is way to bad ass fast for everyone! Scene leader and stoke machine always.

Straight from birthing a baby (well a couple months) Morrah Haeny drove 3 hours with her new born child to send it !! So much love for you girl.

Shanna P just hanging out and looking oh so good.

Advanced slalom winner Val Kay sent it all day long and top almost all her events. Pussy power to the next level! MEOOOW!!

Veronica Helena is new to Canada and had the time her life! Winning best dance line!

Amy Yan Top trick winner pull out all slaughtered the ladies be a landslide.

Hannah Winter is just fired up 24/7 and having a blast always.

Meghan Grace Guevarra fastest lady !! Wins the Fubu Board!!!

Till next much love from all the ladies Fubu!!

If your from Ontario and want to join the lady sessions you can post up in this group here.

Video recap!!

I am so happy to be a small part of this event for the last 6 years and I’m sad I wont be around next year. If you are lady or man get involved and support the scene. If there is no Fubu near you start one up!! Every session counts and every event counts. Even if you only have 5 people its always worth it! The love will always grow when you stick to things you feel passionate about. Let the love flow and the respect gather. Till next time ladies and gents keep skate invading the planet. Love always Januss.