New West Sk8 Jam

The Mercer Stadium Skatepark, also known as the New West Park, in New Westminster, BC was built decades ago. It’s an aged concrete park featuring a snake run and some shallow bowls linked together, a pyramid, manny pad, and ledges. It has cracks, slippery graffiti, some lack luster bank-like transitions, and some uneven transitions, but the locals love it just the same. It has been a source of fun and even an influence of style for the locals. But, very soon it will be destroyed. Before things got too wet in BC, Stuart “Stumanchu” Pettie held a New West Sk8 Jam to bring out all the homies for one last shmang to go out with a bang. Pretty much all day, people came by to skate for a few hours at a time. It was fun time. Here are the photos.

The crews of broos were cold chillin’ with brews, bruises, and few issues.

Stu “Stumanchu” Pettie was one of the organizers of the New West Sk8 Jam.

The good news about the destruction of this skatepark is that they are in the stages of planning for a new New West skatepark. The city of New Westminster is in the third of three phases of planning for the new skatepark. Phase three goes through December and means the city is confirming a preferred concept and location. After that they will present to the city council for approval. It looks like you can still take an online survey to let the city know which location you prefer.

Stu put some swag down and held a Best Trick contest where you had to air over it.

Stu ollies the bump.

Melon grab

Backside 180

Backside 180

Harlen Terjesen – boneless frontside bigspin, I think.

Josh Hardwick does an early grab frontside 360.

Frontside Shuv-it

Josh Hardwick won the Best Trick on the little bump.

Local hometown hero, David Helmer, skated so hard he broke his tail.

Dave Helmer gets some serious air.

But, eats it as he breaks his tail on the landing.

whomp whomp.

With no extra board, Dave was done.

You know the saying, “Go big or go home.” Well, Dave Helmer goes big and then goes home, when his board breaks and he’s been skating all day.

There was a local crew holding the session down and appeared to have a rich history with the park. When it was getting dark and some were talking about leaving, they got a group shot with Stu and one guy doing a five-o on the ledge in front of them.

The main New West crew, with Stu on the left.

Five O with all the Homies at New West Skatepark.

Josh Hardwick snapped this photo of me with my camera after I set up the flashes. Wallie pop over. I was pretty happy with the results.

I wanted to return the favor with Josh Hardwick’s photo of me, so I asked him to do one of his carves in the snake run for me and the rest is Histeezry. I know it’s a stretch. You’re gonna wanna stretch when doing carves like this.

Josh Hardwick gets down and dirty with soul carve at New West.

Things were getting dark and wrapping up for most people, but others were still getting the more of their energy out. Harlen Terjesen, in particular, was still ripping. He surprised me with a boneless finger shuv-it to disaster. He had it down on lock and I couldn’t capture it with a single photo, so I got a sequence of it.

Harlen Terjesen does a boneless finger shuv-it disaster in the low light.

Here’s the “shuv-it” part of the trick.

Some of the guys couldn’t leave the park without taking a piece of it with them, especially if it’s going to get destroyed soon anyway. They used a hammer to take a chunck out of the concrete. I, for one, am excited to see what the city comes up with for the new park and will be sure to visit when it’s built.