Flatspot Highway Jam XIII: No Sponsors No Problems Part I

Flatspot Longboards came to the rescue for many longboarders in the the Northwest for the 13th Flatspot Highway Jam (FSHJ). After not being able to secure a sponsor from the various companies (Loaded/ Orangatang had been the previous sponsor), they decided to do it on their own. Renting a big school bus and traveling to a bunch of skate spots was still the objective and that is what they did.

This is the second Highway Jam I’ve been to and it definitely lived up to its reputation. We went to a variety of spots, stayed relatively stealthy wasted no time in one spot, got pizza for lunch, and had relatively positive encounters with locals, and pretty much skated till it started to get dark. There were very minor injuries and no run-ins with law.

This young woman was not part of the group, but she came into the shop and needed a hug.

The Jam started at Flatspot Longboards as it always does, and for this FSHJ, ended up in the Abbotsford area. We met up with the Abby skaters including the well known OG, Raggie and the Yardwaste crew.

OG Downhill Skater Raggie was at the FSHJ.

With our entourage complete, we sessioned a new development featuring a two corners of blacktop with a chicane in the middle.

Alege Akolo hasn’t been very active in the skate scene these days (he’s been more into cooking), but he came out for the FSHJ and had fun.

Papa Les even got a run or two in at this spot.

Sho Ouellette makes slowing down look casual while riding someone’s lowered board.

The Abby crew rails the final corner.

Reese Boyko slows down

Josh MacEachern dips and rips.

Raggie drags hand and points for the inside line.

Lachlan Williams with a super cool trick in front of Josh Hardwick

Sho Ouellette grips

Harlen Terjesen

Harlen Terjesen

Mischa Chandler, Josh Hardwick, and Reese Boyko

Mischa Chandler, Josh Hardwick, and Reese Boyko

Mischa Chandler, Josh Hardwick, and Reese Boyko

Mischa Chandler, Josh Hardwick, and Reese Boyko

Sho Ouellette flies away.

Jacob Muller spots his line.

Harlen Terjesen practices his climbing skills.

Riders line up for an impromptu race…

…and they’re off!

Some get in their tuck, some start to wiggle.

Sho Ouellette leads the pack

a couple crashes ensue.


Next spot!

Next on the agenda was a steep and fast hill near a shooting range. We got dropped off by the bus and walked over to the spot to be a little more inconspicuous. We got to skate anywhere between a half hour and an hour before someone questioning what we were doing. Legendary tech slider Mark Short was visiting from England. He had met a lovely lady on the Sunshine Coast the last time he was in Canada, so he came back to visit and spend some time with her for a while and skate a bit.

Josh Hardwick slides through the corner.

Mark Short blasts through the corner.

Mischa takes a break.

Josh Hardwick goes even faster the next time.

Mischa slows his roll.


Lachlan Williams with the super serial face.

Local Jacob Muller coming in hot and keeping control.


Sho Ouellette does the Kyle Martin Special.

Josh goes as fast as he possibly can through the corner.

Kaylene Beatey stays smooth and controlled.

Diane “Dizzy J” Hiebert gets squatty.

Lachlan Williams

Jonny Yardwaste (Lachapelle)

Mark Short and Ben Bastin were getting hot and had to bust open the buttons.

We had a short encounter with a flustered female in a van. We told her we would leave. As we packed up and walked out, a curious man in a truck stopped and talked to one of the local skaters. He just got back from the gun range up the hill and saw no problem with what we were doing. Chill.

Stay tuned for the second installment of the photos from this Flatspot Highway Jam XIII: No Sponsors No Problems.

Check out Flatspot Longboards here, and follow them for updates on the next Highway Jam you can join.