Subsonic Garage Sessions

Parking garages are a Pacific Northwest skateboarders best friend during the winter and the first installment of the Subsonic Pacific Northwest Garage Series started up last weekend at an undisclosed location (eh, who cares, it was a Microsoft parking garage). The outlaw event happened thanks to Subsonic Skateboards and a crew of local skaters. It was a great first event that brought local skaters of all ages and styles from miles away to one place to skate together.

Ryan Villa, Lee Dansie, Nate Blackburn, Spencer Smith, Adam Little and really too many local favorites skaters to name attended the event. The Sk8kings slalom guys, John Stryker and Brad Jackman were there as well and provided the cones for the slalom portion.

It’s a simple series of events featuring racing, slalom, Chinese downhill, board swaps, old-school tuck and more. The first event ended a bit early due to security showing up and asking everyone to leave even though everyone was being respectful and just skating.

“Some skaters took it upon themselves to intervene, talking with the security about the gathering and overall deescalating the scenario,” Villa said. “There were even two skaters who went forward, stating they were actual Microsoft employees. Could have gotten in trouble. instead, we all just got a kind ‘please leave’.”

More events are planned in the future. It is also the plan to keep a running tally of points from each event for bragging rights for the top three finishers and give away a new Subsonic Factory Deck to the first place winner.

Events will be held all over the Pacific Northwest, from Bellingham to Portland, in hopes to mesh the community together more frequently. There will be plenty of notice before each race and the next event is planned for Dec 16th… with the skate games actually happening. No more getting busted!

Overall, it’s great to have local events in the Seattle area again to bring people together and take advantage of the local garages! Check out the photos by me, Matt McDonald, below!

Thanks for reading and checking out the photos!

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