Emily Pross Featured in New Berkeley College Advertisement

Emily Pross is not just a top IDF competitor and an incredible ambassador of Downhill Skateboarding globally, she’s also a college student at Berkeley College, working towards her degree at the same time.

While we often forget to unmask the skaters in this industry and show a bit of their life when the helmets off and the boards away, Emily has been an active part of her College and they have been in support of her travels and competition, helping to ensure she will one day graduate.

As a college graduate myself, I can definitely say, working with your school to help them understand your passions and goals is way better than just keeping it all to yourself and trying to hustle through it. Now school isn’t for everyone, so I am not saying “everyone should go to college”, not at all. But, I know a few skaters out there chasing their degrees and I hope to encourage everyone to work with their school, like Emily, to promote downhill skating in a positive way and help ensure they graduate and reach their goals on a board at the same time.

Killing it Emily, congrats on the new advertisement and your success in 2017!

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