Calleigh Little on VICE: What it’s Like To Skateboard Across the Country as a Trans Woman

We dropped some news about Calleigh Little skateboarding across America a couple months ago and we’re stoked to say she has succeeded in her journey all on one piece and has a ton of stoke about it all. We’ll be doing our own interview with her soon, but we saw this piece VICE did with her and couldnt help but share it.

Calleigh Little set out to become the first woman to skateboard across America. She found a lesson in humanity.

Despite setting out to set some records, it seems the weather threw some wrenches in Calleigh’s plans and she was forced to take a few rides in cars to avoid the parts of Winter you can’t really skate through safely. After sometime on the road she ended up ditching most of her extra gear and focused on just making the trip a success and getting across the country, which she did, ending in Boston, MA.

Calleigh’s trip took her through parts of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. As you might imagine, being a skater can be tough enough in some places, but being a Trans Woman can be life threatening in ways only a Trans Woman can truly know. Fortunately Calleigh came across the country unscathed, despite a few rough moments beyond some chip seal to roll over, and met her goal.

We’re stoked to read the VICE article and to chat with Calleigh this week and get our own interview. Congrats to Calleigh on her success!