Flatspot Highway Jam XIII: Part II

Part Two of the three part series of photos from the 13th Flatspot Highway Jam: No Sponsors No Problems starts with the pizza lunch break. As mentioned in Part One, Alege Akolo hadn’t been skating much recenlty but came out for a day of riding. Unfortunately, he went down hard at the second spot. While we picked up pizza at a strip mall, Alege went to get ice from a nearby store. Some friendly locals saw that he was in need of help and helped him clean up and bandage himself.

Josh Hardwick

Josh and Josh

Alege Akolo got wrecked! Local Mom to the rescue!

Alege Akolo

Mischa Chandler joins the rest of the monkey men climbing the tree.

Danny Smith and the rest of the crew mow down on the pizzas.

Ben Bastin with some swing parkour.

Cullen Arbuckle always smiling.

The next spot was a big park with a really narrow pathway with some steep and curvy sections. We ate our pizza, climbed trees, flipped off the swings, sat in hammocks, and skated the pathway. The pathway was somewhat of a legendary spot for the locals. They weren’t exactly sure what people would be able to do. The Abbotsford crew aren’t tech sliders with short wheelbases, but the bus definitely had some of those types of skaters.

Jacob Muller coming down the path through lurker corner.

It was surprisingly hard to ride down the narrow path without having to ride in the grass.

Straight Chillin’

There was a section that was really steep, pretty damp, and off-camber leading right into a tree if you didn’t make the corner. Upon first seeing it, some of us thought iit would be impossible. Leave it to the FSHJ riders to lift your expectations. By a few runs, tech sliding aficionados Reese Boyko and Mischa Chandler were shedding off their speed enough to make it through the section. Still, others wanted to make it without slowing down. There were many wipeouts and close calls, it was gnarly. After many tries, some others rallied through the pathway like no one could have imagined.

Reese Boyko, Mischa Chandler and his dog Taro cruise down the tight pathway, to my amazement.

Jacob Muller diving in for the kill.

Ben the Stripper tried to bomb straight down…

…with some painful results.

Aaron Kuhn perfected the fast line, after many sketchy tries.

Mischa Chandler

Jacob plays in the dirt.

Harlen and Reese had a few good mobs down the path, and definitely stuck a few tricks too. They were definitely the MVPs of the spot.

Reese Boyko

Reese Boyko

Reese Boyko

Reese Boyko

Harlen Terjesen and Reese Boyko

Harlen Terjesen and Reese Boyko

Harlen Terjesen and Reese Boyko

Stay tuned for part three of the Flatspot Highway Jam featuring a high speed crash and a few GIFs to wrap up the event coverage. With so many spots jammed into one day, there’s just no way to jam it all in one post!

Check out Flatspot Longboards here, and follow them for updates on the next Highway Jam you can join.