MUST WATCH: Recollections / Red Dirt Motion

Kavon Zamanian has been putting out top quality [and click bait ha ha] videos for a number of years under both his own personal channel [the more fun and jokes edits] and his more professional channel, Red Dirt Motion.

Most downhill edits are 2-3mins, maybe it’s a minute long banger, or blown out to be 7 or 8 minutes when theres “too much good footage” or an event with a story to tell… rarely… very rarely… can anyone make a video more than 10mins any good. This video is 32:19 on the youtube timer… and it’s worth watching all of it.

Behold, Recollections…. More details from Kavon’s Youtube Channel:

Downhill folk of unconventional origins reflect on some memorable descents, both near and far.

Starring Lars Troutwine and Chase Hiller, with additional appearances from Seth Gouker, Ray Adams, Jargh Hammons, Dylan Greenbaker, and Stevie Dumaine.

A video by Kavon Zamanian