Venom EAT SHIT DVD: Aaron Hampshire Sends It!

As y’all may know, Aaron Hampshire went SO IN for EAT SHIT: The Venom DVD. Here’s his part in all it’s glory!!! #venomBitch
Film: Garrett Creamer

Song: Jukebox Hero – Foreigner

Full DVD available here:


The 51:50 full-length video is mostly downhill skateboarding, with a side of whatever other dumb shit goes on behind the scenes with the Venom team on a regular basis. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even feel a bit queasy at some points. But that’s okay, you won’t remember it if you play the drinking game anyways… Now available at:

Featured team riders include:

– Zak Maytum
– Justin Rolo
– Aleix Gallimo
– Max Dubler
– Pagans of the High Country
– Aaron Hampshire
– Kula The Viking
– Billy Bones
– And everyone else we can’t think of right now

Featured locations include:
– Colorado
– Italy
– Southern California
– The BSM house
– Norway
– Venom Warehome 1.0
– Utah
– Switzerland
– Portland
– And a shitload of other places

Full DVD available here: