Prism Skate Co.- FACES – Cooper Darquea

Sometimes, there’s a man. Well, he’s the man for his time and place and he fits right in with the world around him. That’s Cooper Darquea. Now I won’t say hero, ’cause what’s a hero? Some might call him a legend though. With humble Rhode Island origins some might say he was born to ride the mountains of California and that his journey west was foretold by prophecy. Well, we lost our train of thought here… but hell, we’ve done introduced it enough. We hope you enjoy this here “Faces” video about Cooper Darquea.

Director/editor: Jack Boston
Film: Jack Boston, Tom Flinchbaugh, Tom Lietar
Photography: Tom Flinchbaugh
Music: “Runaway” Del Shannon
“Surrender” Suicide
“The Number Song” DJ Shadow
“Temptation” New Order

Tom Flinchbaugh