Flatspot Highway Jam XIII: Part III

Last but not least, I present to you the third part of the Flatspot Highway Jam. These photos are from the final “Vancouver” spot which was a steep, wide open rode with very low traffic. fast if you wanted it to be, and pretty chundery. Riders hiked up and rode down at their own pace. Some people were tired from the day of riding and spotted corners, others chilled on the sideline. We basically rode till dark. I was pushing my ISO to 6400 towards the end of the session; that’s info, at least, for the photo nerds. Enjoy the photos, nerds.

As promised I’ve included a few sequences in GIF form from the spots featured in Part I and II of the Flatspot Highway Jam Photos.

Starting it off with the playground antics is Ben Bastin, aka Ben the Stripper, and pictured here, Ben the Flipper.

Next is Reese Boyko with a fakie 270 slide back to regular, or the Cabellero fake out slide, or maybe Reese has a different name for it. Whatever it is, it’s pretty sick on this tight, narrow, and steep pathway.

Reese takes the path together with Harlen Terjesen, who slows down with a bluntslide before threading the needle through the trees.

Reese Boyko and Harlen Terjesen

Ok, now back to the last session spot for the Jam.

We rolled our bus and a van full of skateboards up to the spot and took over the block for a while. There were no houses or pull-outs along the route. The one intersection on the section we skated had everyone chilling and was easy to spot. It was a dope session to round out the travel of the day.

Yard Sale with no buyers around. They literally left these unused boards out like this while they were down the road. Real rural…

Ben the Swiper.

Straight chillin’

Jake Muller gets right to going fast.

…but, first let me take a selfie.

Josh MacEachern gets the go ahead from the spotters.

Josh Hardwick is next.

Yo, I forget who this is. Anybody know who she is? Update: Bhakti James!

Flatspot frontman Mischa Chandler.

Kaylene Beatey

Jonny Yardwaste

Jonny Yardwaste

Reese Boyko and Mischa Chandler tangle up.

They have to scramble out of the way so they don’t get hit.

Harlen Terjesen points his line through the chaos.

That inside inside line.

Mischa Chandler and Reese Boyko tangle and everyone else avoids running into them.

Bhakti James

Aaron Kuhn flies by.

Papa Les practiced his toe-side predrifts.

Kaylene Beatey points her line while Aidan Commerford watches.

Josh MacEachern

Mark Short with a classic two hands down.

Aidan Commerford

Bhakti James

Last run.

The ride back.

A tuckered out crew.

Thanks to all the people that came out and skated. Thank you to Flatspot Longboards for putting together this grassroots event that was stimulating at every corner and ever so stealthy and on the go. More jams need to happen in the format of a rented school bus and a list of spots to hit. Don’t forget to check out Flatspot Longboards here, and follow them for updates on the next Highway Jam you can join.