Best Of Lotfi Lamaali: Longboard Dancing & Freestyle Compilation 2017

Lotfi Lamaali is one of the most dedicated, talented and fun loving skaters out there and has perfected his craft in Dance and Freestyle though his uninhibited exploration of skateboarding. While nearly every Lotfi video is full of action, check out his 2017 compilation for some of the best bits all jammed together!

From Lotfi:

Here is a condensed compilation of most of this year’s clips !

I’ve been longboarding for almost 10 years now and my love for longboarding never stopped to grow. Thanks to Longboarding, i’ve been able to travel the world, meet thousands of people, make new friends and learn patience and perseverance.

Year after year i realize that longboarding is not only a sport but also a lifestyle and a great way to connect with people. Feeling blessed that longboarding has crossed my path and changed my life forever.

For me, there are 4 pillars in life, Good health, Family, Work and last and not least, Passion. Whatever it is, find yourself a passion that will brighten up your daily life. I found mine and I think I’m gonna stick to it 🙌



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Don’t mess with the flow (Composed by yours truly on the OP1)