Hans Wouters | Longboard Compilation 2017 | Dance x Freestyle

Hans Wouters is always pumping out regular content with Vlogs, How To’s, Games of S.K.A.T.E and colabs with friends covering his life and travels with a skateboard. If you’re not familiar with Hans, we also featured him in issue 36 of Skate[Slate] Magazine. Watch his 2017 Compilation video and give him a follow!

From Hans:

The biggest longboard tricks, hardest combinations and overall best moments of the past year combined in one video. Thank you for joining me through this amazing journey!!

Thanks to the homies for helping me film through the year.
Big thanks to my sponsors Caliber, Crownboards, Blood Orange, Manaliso, Undone and Honor.



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We all know Yoth can land insane tricks and this Best Of 2017 video is nothing but proof. He shows why people call him a ‘flipking’ (and wemen respecter). Enjoy these 4 minutes of crazy longboarding!

Yoth Loenders

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edit by Yoth Loenders
additional filming by Louis Voet

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Phora – R U Still
Russ – Straight From Limbo
G-Eazy – Legend
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age / 19 years old from the 16th of February.

country / belgium (yeah I speak dutch)

longboarding since / I think I started in the summer of 2012.

filmmaking since / well pretty much as long as I remember. probably around 10 years old when I bought my first camera with all my saved money

studies / in my second year of industrial engineering (engineering technologies in english I think) and probably gonna go into electromechanical. I’m loving it

favorite music artist / eminem

favorite movie director / q. tarantino and c. nolan

how to buy crownboards / decks & completes are sold every friday at 6pm cet on http://crownboards.com. sadly only europe right now but they’ll go worldwide as soon as it’s possible.

what longboard to buy / check out my “ultimate guide on buying a longboard” video, I explain all I know about it there :) good luck and enjoy the ride!

camera / since 2017 I’m filming with a Sony a6300 w/16-55 kitlens and 35mm sony lens. earlier videos are all shot on my canon 60D.

editing software / I use adobe premiere pro cc and absolutely love it

tips for beginners / I know longboarding can get pretty overwhelming for beginners so here’s a playlist of my “learn how to longboard” series, in which I’m teaching you how to longboard from the basics to higher level with every video.

how long to edit a video / anywhere in between 6 and 15 hours sounds about right. haha it depends on a lot of factors but mostly you’ll notice when it took long and when it’s just straight forward cutting the clips together. most extreme was probably the “polaroid paris” video with over 100 hours

what’s with the weed jokes / well people very often ask me if I’m high cause I look like I am. and then it kinda became a meme on this channel haha

are you high / of course I am (not) haha