That’s How We Roll’s 2017 Fail Compilation

Can’t win them all! Everyone loves a best of video, but That’s How We Roll put together some of their favorite fails from 2017 to keep us all entertained. let’s hope they keep safe and skate hard in 2018!

From That’s How We Roll:

Not everything goes right while skating so here are some funny moments, bails and crashes we recorded in 2k17.

Best of 2k17 :

To sum up this crazy year here we have some of the best moments caught on camera by our riders. Basically the major part of the footage was filmed in summer, where we had time to film&skate. Looking forward to shred even more and harder in 2018.

Edit: Robert de Ortueta
Riders: Paco Curt, Carlos Boadas, Jan Nogueras, Oscar Solé, Matthew Williams, Sven Willy, Robert de Ortueta
Events: Wallonhill 2017, Knk Osilnica, Insul Freeride