Aboubakry Sadikh Seck: Longboard compilation 2017

Aboubakry Seck has ben killing it with Freestyle and Dancing for years. Peep his 2017 video and enjoy!

From Aboubakry Sadikh Seck:

A year ago I set a goal:
be as good in dancing / freestyle as in freeride / downhill.

To be honest, I only did 5-10 slide sessions against 100-150 freestyle dancing sessions last year.

I had a lot less time to do longboarding so I preferred to concentrate on dancing / freestyle.

This compilation will be more focused on dancing / freestyle.

Let’s talk about 2017:

2017 started with a sprained ankle and ended with a torn meniscus. Lool.

But 2017 has also had many moments of joy, happiness, discovery and surprises.

I was able to visit for the first time cities like Valence, Barcelone, ​​Mannheim. I do not travel much so it was a great discovery for me.

For Valencia and Manheim it was mainly for longboard dancing / freestyle competitions that I won besides. And for Barcelona it was really a skate trip.

I wish I could detail a little more but there is a lot to tell. In any case know that 2017 was really a year rich in encounters and beautiful memories.

I would like to thank my sponsors Majutsu Longboard, Paris Trucks, Remember Collective who are really on the lookout for my least desires and support me enormously.

PS: In the course of the year, I left Luxe Truck to join Paris Truck but I want to thank them for all their support during these last years.

Thanks also to all those people who support me through social networks!