California Outlaw Series’ Barrett Junction Photos

If you follow Skate[Slate] on Instagram, or Rachel Bagels, it was hard to miss her coverage of the California Outlaw Series’ Barrett Junction event a couple weekends ago. Rachel was posting to @skateslate instagram story all day with almost up-to-the-minute action. Turns out even with all that social media content, she was also snapping a few photographs at the event and put together a post on her blog.

The California Outlaw Series was all kinds of rad last year with Max Capps taking the overall. Barrett Junction kicks off a new season and a grip of outlaws are soon to follow. Who knows who will win the title this year? Well, Max Capps* took the cake at Barrett, so he’s definitely off to a good start. *It should be noted, Max was also riding a 8 wheel skateboard – yes, thats’s 4 trucks, 8 wheels – of his own creation, of course.

Screen shot from the @skateslate x @skatebagels instagram story

Open Podium: 1. Max Capps (and his 8-wheeler), 2. Tim Del, 3. Nick Broms, 4. Daniel Engel (Also on an 8-wheeler)

Check out a selection of Rachel’s photos below, but be sure to head over to her blog to see them all. Link to Rachel’s Blog here.

**If you want to use Rachel’s photos for personal social media purposes, please credit and tag @skatebagels, Rachel Bagels or Rachel Bruskoff. For all other use please contact Rachel directly for permission.

If you’re stoked on outlaw racing, be sure to follow up on the California Outlaw Series here. They already have a calendar going and regular updates can be found on their facebook or instagram.