Transylvania Downhill 2017 Photos

The Devastation Longboard Crew in Romania recently announced their 2018 Events lineup and it’s high time I got you excited about Transylvania Downhill – Straja and Transylvania Downhill – Pasul Vulcan IDF WQ 2K8I’ve been saving* these photos for a rainy day. I hope you enjoy them and get drooling over the upcoming summer season in the Northern hemisphere – honestly it’s sooner than you think!

*I broke all records for lateness with these, sorry DLC!

It’s hard to do this beautiful place and amazing track justice with words and pictures, so I recommend you get there in person ;) Please enjoy the photos and find more information on the 2018 events and registration at the bottom.

Team out fetching hay.

Pick em up

Misty mornings

Wow look at that

Here we go.

Pearse D’Arcy locked in.

Breathtaking place

Watching over the challenging corners.

Max with that two-handed goodness

And this fella up at the top, making sure those pesky skaters aren’t up to no good..

Don’t worry, they’re all down amongst the trees.

Bast slamming the brakes on as only he can.

If your legs are torched get yourself down to the local town for a couple of hours.

Check out the architecture and score yourself some dope 80’s garms from one of the many thrift stores.

Why not change your style up dramatically while you’re away on holiday? Alfie shows us how.

Let’s go let’s go!

We’ve got Andy well covered here.

The sound of angle grinder became a constant as the hill claimed victims.

And it wasn’t just wheels taking damage.

And to the party, why not?

Rain couldn’t stop us

Dehmel, Maxwell and Quiles became radioactive together.

Joe get down from there that’s very naughty

Alternatively you could also go to the very top of the road, the party sounds clear from here, and bright towns dot the valley into the distance.

Option number 1 worked well for most.

Tis a hard life

We’ve got everything!

Amateur Podium: 1 Vašek Cvančara, 2 Joe Baldwin, 3 Clayton Arthurs

Women’s – 1 Lisa Peters, 2 Sabine Schneider, 3 Jasmijn Hanegraef

Pro – 1 Davis Lanham, 2 Sebastian Hertler, 3 Mitch Thompson

Hertler summoning storm gods

Meet Ben,  heroicly hauled I dont-know-how-many kilos of cable up and down the mountain, dodging bears in the night, to make the live streaming for AllYearLong possible.

Shit’s far. (That’s an old ski lift on the left)

Bagels enjoying the steep hairpins

Roseane setting up for an inside line

Don’t forget to check out Transylvania Downhill  for more info and tickets. Hope to see you there!

Transylvania Downhill: One mountain. Two totally different tracks. Both facilitating of our unique uplift system – the gondola!
Two gnarly events: STRAJA for Skating All You Can and PASUL VULCAN for racing in IDF WQS on one of the fastest tracks in IDF circuit.

Which one are you going to?