Old Child :: Luck Of The Drift :: Devlyn Demmon

If you don’t know Old Child, you should, we’ve have definitely featured a bunch of Old Child Media on the blog and in print. Old Child is the brain child of Josh Boehlke and typically features some of the best BC Skaters from around the province. Devlyn Demmon is a bit of a nomad it seems and we’ve seen him all over the place in BC over the past couple years. Devlyn has impressed and even surprised competitors and spectators at events, but those that skate with him regular know what’s up, he’s an all around shredder and super fun to skate with.

Check out the lastest video from Old Child featuring Devlyn in Kelowna, BC.

From Old Child:

Devlyn Demmon is considered a local in city’s all over BC. Finally back in Kelowna, he puts the roads to the test of his drift.

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