Jordan Riachi || The Lost Clips

You just gotta get stoked when Jordan Riachi footage comes out. Dude rips and we really don’t get enough video of him from Australia. Maybe that wasn’t entirely the plan, as it seems Linus Marsh and Jordan were putting together some footage and almost lost it all. Lucky for us, they found some of it and here we go!

From Linus:
Jordan and I set out to make a video one day in late November but after having a few problem with a hard drive I thought the clips were lost forever. Turns out I was smarter than I thought I was and had backed the clips up on another drive but completely forgot until a week ago. Long story short here’s jizzy doing what he does best, many thanks to the homie Davis for filming the follows too.

The song is Youth by Gravez and all rights go to him for crafting the beat.

Jordan Riachi

Linus Marsh