Linked Media 2017

Linked Media and Luke Spodobalski have been dropped some heat in 2017 and put together an edit to highlight their year. Check out the video and get to know a bit of the fun to be had in Sierra Nevada Mountains and some of the riders that play in the hills.

From Linked Media:

2017 was a year to remember. Take a look back at some of the amazing things that happened through Spud’s camera.

Got the absolute pleasure to film, and skate with some beyond talented riders that I’m stoked to work with more in the future! Shoutout to all you beautiful people. -Spud

Luke Spodobalski

Extra Film:
Phil Sacks
Luke Zinn
Trent Funke
Sahm Basiri

Rider List: (in order of appearance)
Morgan Owens
Nick Curtright
Kieran Connolly
Mike Mayhew
Luke Zinn
Chase Hiller
Miles Parker
Luke Spodobalski
Phil Sacks
Ryka Mohammadian
Chet Bolstridge
Tony J
Andrew Geromel
Garret Smith

Linked Media is based out of Lake Tahoe. Showcasing the legendary Sierra Nevada Mountains, as well as the NorCal riders who shred these roads. Linked Media looks to showcase any rider, or anything, to try and get everyone stoked! Look for Linked Media in 2018 for more awesome photographs, video, and more!

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