The Rise Of Australia’s Shredemite

After moving back to Sydney late 2016 I noticed the Australian skate scene was a little different from when i left it years previously. A lot of people have come and gone, some stuck around and theres also a few fresh faces, but the connectivity seemed to be lacking a little bit.

I started Shredemite with the aim to bring the average joe out of the woodwork and help connect people. There were plenty of skate crews all over the nation but it was hard to find out what was going on else where unless you actively looked for it. I figured if i could help centralise all the cool stuff going on and also encourage new groms and beginners to post and share content then it might help our national scene grow a little bit. So far I’ve been pretty stoked on the community engagement, lots of people are wanting to share photos and videos and I’ve made myself pretty busy with trying to create new content for the channel.

Race #4 – Sean Murnane Photo

Race #3 – Riley O’Toole Photo

One of the cool things we did over the past few months was the Shredemite Spring Series, a 4 race series with one race per month on some pretty fun hills in the Sydney area. It drew out a bunch of new faces and also gave the latest generation of shredders a chance to safely test out their racing skills against some OGs and veterans. Each race was free to enter, with prizes donated by Hopkin Skate and BBQ lunch provided by the mums.

Race #3 – Riley O’Toole Photo

We wrapped up the year with a camping trip to the Snowy Mountains, which is a couple hours south of Canberra. Out there are some pretty awesome fast runs that are great for pack riding, along with some pretty epic scenery. Im still healing a fractured hip so no skating for me but i got to spend the whole time behind the lens capturing the action along with Jarred Grobler on the drone. Pretty stoked on the video that came out of it!

Race #4 – Sean Murnane Photo

Race #4 – Sean Murnane Photo

Im looking forward to whats in store for the upcoming year, this thing just started as a bit of a side project to take up any spare time but now has started to grow into something cool. Im really stoked on all the community engagement so far, its great to hear from a lot of new people and find out about all the happenings within our national skate scene.

If you haven’t already, make sure you head to the Shredemite Facebook page and subscribe, leave some feedback or drop us a message for some stickers! #getitinya

Links to some of our videos!
One of the first videos: Eastern Beaches Bombin’

Raw Run Jacko 7pins

The Bad Gnarnas <—— one of my favs

Visitor: Adrian Cole Hits Hornsby


Raw Run: Matteo KNK

Spring Series Videos latest – Race #4: Waterhole Track

Bomb The Snowies 2017: