Crunchie Longboarding Tips: Bearings

New Zealand’s Crunchie has some Longboarding Tips all about bearings and is giving a few sets away as well!

I have to say it’s a bit light on info than I hoped, but the tips are on-point for an overview of bearings and what to watch for in practicality. The one thing I think we would disagree on a little is bearing maintenance. My opinion is, taking part a quality bearing (at any price) and cleaning it appropriately and lubing it up will extend the life of the bearing and give it’s life an overall greater performance for that life. In general, it is important to note that bearings can and will wear out over time and use, but unclean bearings (especially those with corrosion) can cause a bow out and an accident when skating. Checking your bearings, and your nuts, and ensuring everything is operating appropriately before you ride is key.

Check out the video and tell us what you think, or hit up Crunchie and share your thoughts there.

From Crunchie:

Listen up kids! Learn from master Crunch

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