Escapades 2: No Service – Boarding Media

Boarding Media and Turner Williams with a new edit featuring Cole Trotta and Thomas Cooke out in the Mountains east of Los Angeles.

From Boarding Media:

This spontaneous trip to the mountains was inspired by all those hypocritical end of the year posts. When Cole, Thomas, and I were sitting at the top of our local hill at sunset, we were thinking about how we always skate the same old hills and a spark of motivation came up when I remembered on of the steepest, cracked, and gnarly run deep in the mountains east of Los Angeles. From there we decided to mob out and camp that night and when we woke up in the morning we were welcomed by this paved serpent of a road. This is my documentation of these Escapades.

Cole Trotta (Aera, Powell Peralta, Chroma Skateboards)
Thomas Cooke (Chroma Skateboards, MXK)

Linkin Park, Catalyst (instrumental)
Glassjaw, Bastille Day

Video: Turner Williams

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