Sanctum Presents | Kyle Connelly X Stratos

After wrapping up the design, and prototyping stage for the Stratos the boys headed out for a rip on the new deck. Kyle Connelly punches it down a canyon in Northern Colorado.

Kyle is Riding the all New Sanctum Statos Available at
and Mach 1 Venom Cannibal Wheels with Rogue 160mm Trucks

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Team Rider Kyle Connelly took the all new Sanctum Stratos out for a major rip on one of our favorite Colorado Testing Grounds.

This Canyon ranges from the smoothest freshest hot mix you can find, to the roughest chunder Colorado has to offer. From hairpins to fast sweepers this is the place we take all the latest ideas we have and see if their good enough to produce. Kyle is riding a truly Colorado setup from his Venom Longboard wheels to the Rogue Trucks under his feet.

The Stratos is a culmination of over two years of development, and ideas from our riders and team here at Sanctum. The first edition of 25 features an aggressive concave that reminisces of the 24K Asylum with a few adjustments and improvements. The Stratos will be released in small batches like everything at Sanctum so make sure to grab one while they’re in stock.