NCDH 2017 Recap

Always stoked to see what NCDH (North Carolina Downhill) is dropping from their community. The local crew is always pushing the scene in positive directions and guests to the region get to enjoy some of the best roads to be found. Take a small peak into what went down over the past year and stay connected for the coming ones thanks to a new recap they put together for us!

Over at NCDH, 2017 proved to be an amazing year. Events manifested, new formats were created, roads were discovered, and lines of passion were laid throughout the region.

A lot of people have been in and out of NC, looking to travel and experience the area’s unique downhill scene. Before the snow and ice had cleared, we linked up with Taylor Corker and created this:

NCDH | Taylor Corker from Sanjay Gupta on Vimeo.

Garrett Gourley has continued to blow minds with his dialed standup runs on the most heinous of roads. Garrett will be fulfilling a study abroad opportunity in Alicante for the Spring of 2018:

NCDH | Garrett Gourley | Thunderclap from Sanjay Gupta on Vimeo.

NCDH Shinerun 2017

Shinerun is a 6th year staple of the NC scene and is always a blast exploring new regions of appalachia and new roads with friends.

Dan Arney:

NCDH x Local – Dan Arney [Shinerun 2017] from Sanjay Gupta on Vimeo.

Marshall Parrish:

NCDH x Local | Marshal Parrish [Shinerun 2017] from Sanjay Gupta on Vimeo.

Garrett & Romeo ‘Belly’:

NCDH x Local | Garrett & Romeo ‘Belly’ [Shinerun 2017] from Sanjay Gupta on Vimeo.

Full Shinerun 2017 Edit:

SHINERUN 2017 from Sanjay Gupta on Vimeo.

NCDH Mt. Jefferson 2017

Mt. Jefferson 2017 was a huge win for downhill history. Emily Pross was the first woman to win an open class downhill race/event. Through rain and hail, all the riders stuck it out and made the best of what the weather had to offer.

Emily Pross Wins – Photo by Thomas Richmond

NCDH Judgerides

Judgerides were heavily influenced by snowboarding, surfing, and the trends of Asheville’s style towards more freestyle riding and less desire for racing.
With judges placed on each corner to judge that specific turn; the field of riders gets 1 single run per round, with the top 50% of total scores advancing. This combines the stress of a single run with the freedom of a freeride.

Race-liners and freeriders can theoretically amass the same scores for equally challenging runs, and our podiums are testament to the format.

Fortress Judgeride Recap:

BP Fortress Judgeride 8/27/17 from Sanjay Gupta on Vimeo.

2018 Outlook

Our 2018 season is starting with events between DC and Alabama almost every weekend through April. Brixton Series will start Jan 20 (a smaller gravity-start event to foster racers who may shy away from faster hills).

We’re also holding a non-elimination team-heat time trail in late March, Fortress TEAM TIME, where the average combined run time for each 4-man team is added up after 5 rounds of racing. We hope to see some of you out there!

NCDH Youtube & Giveaways

We have created a Youtube Channel with the NCDH history uploaded to it. In 2018, we will be releasing all of our new content here as well as our current platforms of Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo.

Youtube Channel:

For future giveaways and content, follow us on instagram @northcarolinadownhill

Big thanks to everyone who visits, supports, watches, follows and stokes us out!