Sliding Into 2018 With Josh Neuman

Hey Josh! Happy 2018. I assume you aged a year and are now 18, but did your feet grow? Still a size 10.5?

Hey Les! Happy 2018 to you too. I am now 18, but I am still a size 10.5!

I kid, I kid, just trying to tie this new interview with the one we did last year. I never know how to open these. How about your living status, NFA (no fixed address) or do you have a home base right now?

I am still living at home with my parents as of right now. I am graduating high school this year, so next year I will be living at college.

Last year I also kicked this off saying everyone was complaining about 2016 then 2017 stepped up, said “dude hold my beer?” and kicked a lot of people in the junk. How was your 2017?

I was stoked about how 2017 turned out. I learned a lot to improve the my footage quality, as well as progressed a ton and put out more media than I ever have.

You joined Paris Truck Co recently as a full team rider. What is the biggest difference between flow and full team?

So far the biggest difference is Ricker not being able to make fun of me anymore for not being an official Team Rider hahaha.

There was some shit thrown around on the internet over your Welcome to video. Why drop an edit of all slams?

I am known for falling because I tend to send it a little bit too hard, so we thought it would be a funny, non-traditional Welcome video that would also get a lot of views.

We all slam for sure. I think the idea was great. It got people talking. Then you came back with a solid edit right after, basically crickets in comparison. How do you keep that footage train rolling so hard?

I pretty much just film everytime I skate. Filming is fun to me. Most people would never guess, but during the school year I am only able to skate 2 or 3 times per month at the most.

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Travel seems to be a big part of the game in downhill, can you recap 2017 from a trips perspective, any notable visits?

I didn’t do a ton of traveling except for in the southeastern U.S., but I did get to bring my board on a family vacation to British Colombia and skate Revelstoke which was awesome.

Central Mass. Matt Frazier Photo.

Any trips already in the works for 2018?

I’m planning on going to Europe for a month this summer! I want to hit a couple freerides and then film and explore the rest of the time.

You’ve been riding Powell-Peralta DH for a bit now. What are your favorite wheels from them ‘These’ days? (see what I did there?)

My favorite all around wheel has got to be the 72mm SSF PRO K-Rimes wheel. It can do anything from mob down a mountain pass at 60 mph, to sending triple digit standup slides.

I was once Kevin Reimer’s team manager. He was super chill, and of course a champ, but never filmed nearly as much as you do, ha ha. Give us the inside info, how is K-Rimes as a team manger for you? How do you keep him (other) team managers stoked on you?

Kevin is awesome to me. I always have plenty of wheels for myself as well as some to share with friends here in North Carolina. To keep all of my team managers stoked, I continuously plug the brands on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and also produce a ton of media.

Fall colors in the mountains are hard to beat

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We did these next few questions last year, lets do it again, what where your 3 favorite videos you released this past year?

Aside from my 2017 video, my favorites have got to be the Beyond the Orchard video I dropped with Paris, my video I released for Nixon Watches, and then the one called “Hauling Down Secret Surf Spot.”

What are your 3 favorite videos from other people?

RedDirtMotion: Recollections, Adam Westfall’s video with NCDH, and Paris Truck Co’s Skateboards and Mojo.

Who got no recognition or very little in the last year that you think is a dope skater and rad person and should have their name out there more?

Lars Troutwine, Tyler Hunt, and Romeo Dilla.

Thanks for another year and another interview Josh. Any thing we missed you want to share?

Glad to do it Les. I think we covered pretty much everything!

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Shout Outs? Mom, Friends, Brands?

Shoutout to my parents for always being there, shoutout to any of my friends who ever helped me film and shoutout to all of my sponsors: Arbor Skateboards, Paris Truck Co., Powell-Peralta, Nixon Watches, G-Form, Action Boardshop, Spy Optics, and Ojoom Pucks!